Real Estate Strategies






Branding, Website and Infographics

I was commissioned by Real Estate Strategies to develop the brand and communications materials for the launch of the company in January 2013.

To communicate the company’s mission statement – Combining better data, analysis and strategy to enable clients to make better investment decisions – I developed a visual language based on data patterns. The data is represented by dots which form imagery and pictures, reflecting the company’s role in seeing patterns and trends in real estate data that informs and shapes their solutions.

As part of the brand materials I created a logo and strapline, printed and digital stationery, website and powerpoint presentation.

Following the brief to ‘make complicated ideas very simple’ I developed a series of infographics to be used in presentations and pitches to visually communicate the core concepts and ideas of the company.

The result is a clean, graphical approach that gives this new company sector stand out, while fitting in perfectly in the real estate investment environment.


Please contact me for a detailed case study.

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