Muse Store Identity




Naming, Branding and Store collateral

The vision was to establish a highly creative retail store in Mumbai offering a choice selection of the very best international brands which would appeal to a cosmopolitan audience of both men and women across a mixed age group, who were affluent, design and fashion conscious.

We needed to challenge perceptions, provide real standout and encourage people to shop for pleasure not necessity. An essential part of this task was to create the name and subsequent branding for the store, which would reflect its character.

The name ‘Muse’ was chosen to reflect the inspirational and eclectic personality of the store, and an individual brand identity was crafted which typographically illustrates the individuality as well as the playful, yet sophisticated, elegant nature of the store. This was applied to all supporting collateral, including stationery, signage and packaging.

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Designed at 999 Design

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